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Free Tier 4 student visa advice at the UK University Fair

5 November 2015

The UK University Fair will be providing visa advice and support to international students wishing to study at a UK university, college and language school.

SI-UK can help you with Tier 4 (G)/ (Child) student visa to enter to the UK or Tier 4 (G)/ (Child) student visa extension in the UK, as well as student visitor visas to the UK.

The highly qualified and fully accredited visa advisers are registered with the Home Office OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) with years of legal experience, and have extensive knowledge of all key immigration legislation.

In addition, at 13.30 a special seminar will be held discussing the Tier 4 visa application process and documents and requirements. Are you interested in attending the UK’s largest UK University Fair?

Register today for free entry!

خدمات SI-UK سریع، قابل اعتماد و کارآمد است.مشاورین مجرب من با همکاری با دانشگاه های انگلستان می توانند با مشاوره تحصیلی ، به شما در دریافت پیشنهاد تحصیلی از یکی از دانشگاه های مورد علاقه تان یاری کنند.

Carla Termini International Business Economics at City University

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