UK universities impress as Times Higher Education world rankings announced

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UK universities impress as Times Higher Education world rankings announced

1 October 2015

UK universities had reason to celebrate this week as the Times Higher Education world rankings were released and 78 institutions placed in the top 800, with 34 sitting in the first quarter, up from 29 last year.

The University of Oxford placed the highest of all UK universities, finishing second overall, while the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London also made the top ten in fourth and eighth place respectively. It was further down the tables where the good news really started for UK institutions though.

The University of Warwick, St Andrews University and University of Exeter all made huge leaps up the rankings, while others – Reading, Dundee and Newcastle - reclaimed their places in the top 200. Phil Baty, editor of the Times Higher Education world university rankings, said: "The UK is a stand-out performer in this year's rankings, boasting an impressive 78 institutions overall, with 34 of these sitting in the top 200."

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